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Social media profiles of all #PovertyAssembly speakers

We’ve already covered the social media profiles of the policiticians speaking at #PovertyAssembly, below is a run down of all the speakers/debaters. Where they don’t have a Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook account we’ve linked to their website or blog…

Jim McCormick – Scotland Advisor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Charlie Martin – Routes out of Prison project, the Wise Group

Danny McCafferty – Clydebank Independent Resource Centre

Owen Jones – Author of ‘Chavs’ the demonization of the working class’ 

Anna Coote – Head of Social Policy, The New Economics Foundation

Philip Blond – Director, Respublica, Author of ‘Red Toryism’ 

Judith Robertson – Head of Oxfam Scotland

Ghazala Hakeem – Poverty Truth Commission

Peter Kenway – Director, New Policy Institute