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Social media profiles of all #PovertyAssembly speakers

We’ve already covered the social media profiles of the policiticians speaking at #PovertyAssembly, below is a run down of all the speakers/debaters. Where they don’t have a Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook account we’ve linked to their website or blog…

Jim McCormick – Scotland Advisor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Charlie Martin – Routes out of Prison project, the Wise Group

Danny McCafferty – Clydebank Independent Resource Centre

Owen Jones – Author of ‘Chavs’ the demonization of the working class’ 

Anna Coote – Head of Social Policy, The New Economics Foundation

Philip Blond – Director, Respublica, Author of ‘Red Toryism’ 

Judith Robertson – Head of Oxfam Scotland

Ghazala Hakeem – Poverty Truth Commission

Peter Kenway – Director, New Policy Institute

Should we work a 21 hour week? [video]

Panel on the New Economics Foundation’s report, “21 Hours.” By decreasing the standard working week, we could potentially expand employment, create a knowledge based economy, and create a stakeholder public-resource economy.

Chaired by the Rt Hon David Lammy, MP for Tottenham. 12 June 2010, IoE University of London, Compass Conference.

Anna Coote will be joining us for our Question Time syle debate ‘Inequality & Poverty: what are the alternatives?’ at the 3rd Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty 2012.

Video 1/2

Video 2/2