20 things you could buy if your employer paid you the Living Wage

Today, we learned that the new Living Wage rate would be £8.45 per hour.  This works out as an annual salary, based on working 40 hours a week, of £17,576.  If you are under 25 but over 21 and earn the National Minimum Wage, working the same hours, you would earn £14,456.  A whopping £3120 less a year.  We’ve come up with a list of twenty things you could buy with that money!

  1. 120 driving lessons
  2. A two week all-inclusive holiday for you and a friend in Cancun with flights from Glasgow
  3. Prefer to travel alone? Spend ten nights at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
  4. Treat you and 2000 friends to an original glazed donut at Krispy Kreme
  5. Buy 62 pairs of Adidas trainers
  6. Fashion your thing? You could buy 82 pairs of jeans from Topshop
  7. Keep yourself well fed with 4,500 tins of baked beans
  8. Pay 8 months worth of rent
  9. Buy a 2012 Fiat Panda
  10. Get over 200 pizzas from Dominos
  11. Or buy 600 Big Mac meals
  12. Embrace autumn with 960 Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  13. Get you and your family four of the latest iPhones
  14. Take 50 friends to a Justin Bieber concert
  15. Treat your mother with 100 bunches of flowers
  16. Look your best with 567 NYX lipsticks
  17. Keep warm with 20 pairs of Ugg boots
  18. You could buy 89 copies of the complete Breaking Bad Boxset
  19. See over 100 Partick Thistle matches
  20. Catch 328 movies at the Glasgow Film Theatre


Written by Rachel Thomson, Campaigns and Policy Assistant and Carla McCormack, Policy and Parliamentary Officer at the Poverty Alliance

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