#PovertyAssembly Evidence Sessions Themes 4-6

Theme 4: How do we make markets work for people in poverty?

Rising costs for a range of goods, whether food, fuel, transport or childcare is making worse the problems that many people on low incomes are facing.  In many cases markets are not working for low income consumers.  In this session we will look at how market failures are impacting on people on low incomes and how we can address these failures more effectively. 

Speakers include: Mike Small, Project Manager, Fife Diet Project, Sharon Mercado, Community Activist, Tricia McAuley, Independent Consumer Expert; Peter Kenway, Director, New Policy Institute

Theme 5: What would a labour market that lifts people out of poverty look like?

For most people getting a job should be a clear route out of poverty.  However, for too many this is not the case.  Issues such as low pay, temporary work, under employment and childcare all combine to trap some people in poverty.  This theme will explore what more can be done to ensure that entering the labour market will lift people out of poverty.

Speakers include: Dr Dan Finn, Southampton University, Mike Kelly, Head of Corporate Responsibility, KPMG, Ken Shaw, Head of Employability, City of Edinburgh Council

Theme 6: What would a social security system that tackles poverty look like?

There are few issues more central to addressing poverty than the nature of the social security system.  Successive Governments have sought to improve the system, however there remains widespread dissatisfaction with the system and the changes that are currently being made.  This theme will consider some of the key problems with the current system and what needs to change.

Speakers include: Fran Bennett, University of Oxford, John Dickie, Head of Child Poverty Action Group Scotland, Danny Miller, Community Activist, Scottish Spina Bifida Association, Richard Gass, Welfare Rights, Glasgow City Council, Alex Young, Head of Tackling Poverty Team, Scottish Government

The first evidence session starts at 13.45 on Monday the 28th in Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh.

If you’re not able to make it you can follow the discussions live via Twitter on @PovertyAlliance and the hashtag #PovertyAssembly.

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