#PovertyAssembly 2014 – A Scotland Without Poverty

The Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty has become one of the key forums for discussion and debate about the challenges and solutions to the problems of poverty in Scotland. Organised by the Poverty Alliance, Scotland’s anti-poverty network, the Assembly brings together people with direct experience of poverty, community and voluntary organisations, trade unions, faith groups, academics and research, alongside politicians and policy makers to discuss and debate how to make progress in the fight against poverty.

The fifth Assembly is being organised with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and will feed into their UK Anti-Poverty Strategies research programme. Focused on JRF’s five anti-poverty themes the Assembly will build on previous years’ debates to consider what a Scotland Without Poverty would look like and how we may get there.

Attendees will be invited based on their knowledge or experience across the six themes and their involvement at previous Assemblies. It is intended that the Scottish Assembly is more than just an annual conference, but is about deepening our understanding of poverty over the longer term, identifying lasting solutions and promoting dialogue regarding the implementation of those solutions. The Assembly will take place over two days and use evidence sessions on each theme to consider underlying causes of poverty in Scotland and agree what needs to be done to move towards a Scotland without poverty. Participants will follow one theme through the three evidence sessions, discussing and debating the problems and the solutions, and finally identifying key priorities.

Read more about this year’s assembly here: A Scotland Without Poverty: 5th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh.

Follow us on Twitter @PovertyAlliance and use the hashtag #PovertyAssembly to join in the conversation.



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