#PovertyAssembly Workshop – What have we learned from EPIC?

On Tuesday 26th we are continuing to discuss the learnings from the EPIC (Evidence Participation Change) project.Here are the five different themes that will be discussed. Please note that the workshop leaders are still to be confirmed:


1. Working with policy makers

John Dickie, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland



2. Gathering evidence

Lana Shearer, Fife Gingerbread (Fife Lone Parent)

Hazel Ratcliffe, Fife Gingerbread (Fife Lone Parent)

Claire Falconer, Fife Gingerbread (Fife Lone Parent)

Lisa Maley, Fife Gingerbread (Fife Lone Parent)

Nichola Sadler, Fife Gingerbread (Fife Lone Parent)


3. Engaging local services

Robert McGregor, Fife Council

Elizabeth Kane, Individual


4. Working with the media

Anne Johnston, The Herald

David Eyre, Oxfam


5. Getting active in your community

Charlie Martin, the Wise Group


The workshops will start at 11:30 on Tuesday March 26th in  Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Read more about the assembly here: 4th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty 2013 
Follow us on Twitter @PovertyAlliance and use the hashtag #PovertyAssembly to join in the conversation.

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