#PovertyAssembly Workshop – Key Themes Arising from EPIC

During this year’s Poverty Assembly there will be a range of different workshops on offer. On Monday the 25th there are 7 workshops running before lunch all touching on different aspects of key themes that has arisen from the EPIC (Evidence Participation Change) project.

Here are the seven different themes that will be discussed. Please note that the workshop leaders are still to be confirmed:


1. Why are so many people in work still poor?

Jeanette Findlay, Glasgow University

Eddie Follan, The Poverty Alliance


2. The ‘bedroom tax’ and the crisis in housing

Murdo Matheson, Shelter Scotland

Jamie McDougal, Scottish Government


3. Poverty and its impact on Mental Health. What lessons can we


Aidan Collins, Scottish Association for Mental Health


4. How can we stop the education system failing so many poor


Jackie Brock, Children in Scotland


5. How do we challenge financial exclusion?

Jackie Cropper, Grand Central Savings

Diana Rix, Grand Central Savings


6. How do we get a more equal Scotland?

Yvonne Strachan, Scottish Government

Bill Scott, Inclusion Scotland


7. Changing Public Attitudes. Lessons from other campaigns

David McPhee, Perth and Kinross Council

Donna Sorrie, Advocating Together (Dundee)

Linsey McDonald, Advocating Together (Dundee)



The workshops will start at 10:30 on Monday March 25th in  Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Read more about the assembly here: 4th Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty 2013 
Follow us on Twitter @PovertyAlliance and use the hashtag #PovertyAssembly to join in the conversation.


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