Do you want to be a social reporter at the Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty?

We’re organising the 3rd Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty on the 15th and 16th of March. The Assembly brings together a wide range of community groups, voluntary organisations, campaigners, faith groups, policy makers and politicians to debate and discuss how to make progress in tackling poverty. At this years Assembly we will be making greater use of social media to ensure that the debates and messages coming from the Assembly get to as wide an audience as possible. To do this we will are recruiting volunteer ‘social reporters’ to help us make the most of all the sessions that take place.

Social reporting is creating a record of an event with others. You will be required to help stimulate and record conversations using digital tools (audio, video, photo) and to help other people to do the same. The social reporters will help ensure that the presentations and formal content at the Assembly is complemented by other informal, creative conversations – and that these are not lost. By encouraging people at events to capture some of their most important exchanges you may help them be more thoughtful about their discussions.

In essence then our social reporters are part-participant, part-reporter, capturing event content in a flexible, personal way that means workshops and discussions can live beyond the event itself. This will take the form of photographs, audio or video.

We are looking for energetic volunteers that are interested and passionate about tackling poverty, that have some familiarity with photography, video or audio, and that want experience of being involved in a unique anti-poverty event. Full training will be given on the 8th of March at the Poverty Alliance’s offices in Glasgow. You must be available all day on the 15th and 16th of March. We will cover your travel expenses and lunches and refreshments.

If you are interested please email Sarah Welford, Policy and Parliamentary Officer at the Poverty Alliance, saying a little a bout your relevant experience.

Deadline: Tuesday 6th March 12pm

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